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About Priority Management

55 Offices Around the Globe

Priority Management is a Canadian company founded in 1980. Our network spans across 55 offices around the world working with many of the fortune 100 companies as well as public sector organizations.

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Craig Jacobs

Owner & Facilitator

Since 1994, Priority Management Sudbury has been providing professional development training to individuals and teams looking to increase productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.

Since taking over from his father, Craig Jacobs has trained thousands of people to be more focused, and better manage their workload using the WorkingSm@rt strategies and behaviours in their day to day work.

Craig also helps people at all levels of their careers, develop their leadership and management skills, improving their effectiveness inside the workplace - and outside of it!


With over 12 years of education experience, a passion for learning, teaching and leadership, Craig brings energy, charisma and engagement to all his workshops to ensure lasting behaviour change long after the course is finished.


To become a Productivity Partner for our clients by delivering superior quality training solutions that:

  • PARTICIPANTS recommend to family, friends and colleagues

  • MANAGERS prefer for their staff

  • PURCHASERS select for their clients

  • EMPLOYEES are proud of and

  • STAKEHOLDERS seek out for long-term returns

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