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MICROSOFT PowerPoint Training


PowerPoint is one of the most widely used software applications used to create and deliver visually engaging presentations that effectively communicate information, ideas, and messages to an audience. It is used to enhance understanding and retention through the use of slides that combine text, images, graphics, animations, and multimedia elements.

Our PowerPoint training equips users with the skills to create professional and engaging presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint's features and tools.

Public workshops are available, and private group training sessions are available for all our courses.


Course Objectives

In this one-day workshop, participants will be introduced to the commands and features of MS PowerPoint and will be able to quickly and easily create professional looking presentation material.  Emphasis will be on text-based presentations and methods of showing presentations, inserting and formatting graphics, including drawing shapes, clip art, word art and special effects.



Full-day or two half-days, instructor-led sessions using Microsoft PowerPoint

Course Content

Unit 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint

  • Navigate the PowerPoint Environment

  • View and Navigate a Presentation

  • Use PowerPoint Help

Unit 2: Developing a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Create and Save a Presentation

  • Edit Text

  • Work with Slides

  • Design a Presentation

Unit 3: Performing Advanced Text Editing Operations

  •  Format Characters

  •  Format Paragraphs

Unit 4: Adding and Arranging Graphical Elements

  • Insert Images

  • Insert Shapes

  • Create SmartArt

  • Insert Icons and 3D Models

  • Arrange and Size Objects

Unit 5: Modifying Graphical Elements

  • Format Images

  • Format Shapes

  • Customize SmartArt

  • Format Icons

  • Format 3D Models

  • Animate Objects

Unit 6: Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation

  • Review Your Presentation

  • Apply Transitions

  • Print a Presentation

  • Deliver Your Presentation

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