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Build the skills and mindsets to excel in a Hybrid World

At a Glance​

Who Should Attend:​

The workshop is designed for those adapting to and/or adopting a hybrid work model. After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between traditional work and the new hybrid world.

  • Increase personal and team effectiveness, productivity, and well-being.

  • Build stronger relationships and engagement with your team.

  • Gain deeper insights to effectively communicate and collaborate and click with colleagues.

  • Develop a hybrid working plan.


  • One-day virtual or in-person instructor-led workshop

  • Follow-up coaching session to reinforce learning

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Tools Provided:

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide and Field Guide

  • Click! Colours Assessment: A practical activity that provides powerful insights into human behaviour that boost both individual and team performance

  • Flight Plan Tool: A practical tool designed to chart and track changes in behaviour

  • Subscription to our monthly LearningLink e-newsletter

WorkingSm@rt in a Hybrid World

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Detailed Synopsis:

Organizations and workers were thrust into a transformational change that left both work and home environments in a state of chaos. The need to understand the impact of the shift from the traditional workplace to a hybrid world provides you with the opportunity to realign and navigate how we work.

Traditional work/life balance strategies will need to shift to a more integrated lifestyle to support the hybrid working model.


Globally, for over 40 years, Priority Management has been working to support clients through developing the skills to better manage during changing times and, ultimately, to help them find a better way to work.

WorkingSm@rt in a Hybrid World provides you with skills to help you incorporate international best practices of planning, collaborating, executing, and communicating with intention.


Priority Management knows that the #1 trigger of stress is lack of control and with the hybrid world there comes definite uncertainty. This training is an action-based learning opportunity to show you how to increase focus, better manage workloads, view your day’s work accomplishments, and gain a sense of control to reduce your level of stress. Participants will learn to identify/ create performance measures to clearly define what success looks like in a hybrid world. This supports the individual worker to better self-manage. As well, the workshop reinforces the value of diversity and the creation of a culture of inclusion within teams.


The workplace continues to change and we need to be even more diligent in focusing the four key performance areas known as SWAT.

  • Self-Management

  • Working Well with Others

  • Asset and Resource Management

  • Task and Activity Management


As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to turn intentions into actions and understand what makes their colleagues tick so they can better click and be able to start crystallizing how the team can come together to create an effective hybrid working culture.

Module 1: Fundamentals of Working in a Hybrid World

  • Understand how and why generations see work and the workplace from varied perspectives.

  • Understand the differences between the traditional workplace and the hybrid model.

  • Become aware of the four key performance areas that underpin performance in the workplace.


Module 2: Self-Management in a Hybrid World

  • Understand the need for a personal plan.

  • Recognize the importance of your vision, attitudes, and motivation.

  • Recognize the value of self-care and overall well-being.

  • Create a roadmap to effectively turn intentions into actions and track results.


Module 3: Working Well with Others in a Hybrid World

  • Understand the importance of collaboration in a hybrid world.

  • Identify your potential biases (proximity and unconscious).

  • Recognize the need for psychological safety and building trust.

  • Identify ways to build relationships in a hybrid world.

  • Create a hybrid working plan for a hybrid culture.

Module 4: Managing Human Assets, Tasks and Activities

  • Appreciate the value of motivation, accountability, and resilience.

  • Understand the need for a performance management framework to align the team.

  • Recognize how a collaborative performance measurement structure supports individual and team success.

  • Establish a productivity hub using the appropriate enabling technology tools to increase focus.

  • Recognize how project planning enhances the ability of teams and individuals to communicate and execute more effectively.

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